A smaller than usual (but perfectly formed) group of Masters competed at the Surrey Sports Park in the Surrey County Championships held on the 24th June.

With just eleven competing and number of individual swims only just reaching sixty, our medal haul of 24 Golds, 13 Silvers and 11 Bronzes was not at all shabby, and I think everyone felt they had ‘had a swim’ by about 7.30pm when the Meet drew to a close.

With only six relay teams, skilfully compiled and entered by Andy Cook once again, we were pleased to secure 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes during the exciting and hectic last few minutes of the second and third sessions.

In addition, and very much the star of our show, was Terry Lazenby who collected no fewer than 11 Golds as a youngster in the 75-79yrs age group, and was awarded the Victor Ludorum as highest individual point scorer in the 75-84yrs age group. Terry also contributed to a Bronze along with Brian Hosking, Garry Willets and Denis Earl in the Mens 240-279yrs Medley Relay.

Other individual results were:

Garry Willets - 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 x 5th placings
Brian Hoskins - 8 Gold, 1 Silver
Phil Sears - 2 Silver, 3 Bronze and 1 x 4th placing
Andy Burbidge - 1 Silver
Denis Earl - 4 placings (in a competitive age band)

Nina Porter - 2 Gold, 5 Bronze and 2 x 4th placings
Emma Toler - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze and a 6th placing
Sheena Bassett - 2 Gold and 1 Silver
Ronwynne Cocks - 4 Silver, 1 Bronze and 1 x 4 th placing
Christine Willets - 1 Silver and 4th & 6th placings

Sheena, Ronwynne, Christine and Emma took Gold in the Womens 200-239yrs Medley Relay
Brian, Andy, Christine and Ronwynne took Bronze in the 200-239yrs Mixed Medley Relay and another team placed 7th
Brian, Gary, Nina and Ronwynne took Silver in the Mixed 200-239 Freestyle Relay
The Mens 200-239 Freestyle team placed 5th.

Overall, a pretty successful meet for the Masters!