Thank you so much to all the swimmers who joined us to have lots of fun swimming to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust!

You did your coaches and parents proud by conducting yourselves beautifully (we were particularly impressed by how you sat listening so attentively to the instructions out in the cafe!), and you all swam so well.

Each lane totted up a respectable number of 50m laps in the 55 minutes allowed. Lane 5 were particularly impressive, managing to swim 40 laps despite being down to 4 swimmers! The number of laps swam by each team is on the team lists below.

Your certificates are ready for collection on Thursday – come and find me in the cafe. Gordon and I have already collected quite a bit of sponsor money. Please hand any remaining sponsor money and donations  to me on Thursday or put your donation on Gordon's Virgin Money Giving page:


Please remember to add "Swimarathon" to your comment.

Thank you,

Donna Read, Penguins


Lane 3 - Sister Act! - 43 laps

Sara Zokei, Cate Zokei, Ellie Gravett, Olivia Gravett, Isobel Clark, Hannah Clark, Micaela Gammie

Sheena and Catharine Clark 

Lane 4 - 40 laps

Maisie Eccleston, Caitlin Dale, Rachel Colpus, Philippa Spurden, Tallulah Winter

Gordon and Richard Colpus

Lane 5 - 40 laps

Elsie Evans, Cass Butterworth, Josh Botting, Louis Lawson


Lane 6 - 35 laps

Adam Krawczyk, Merryn Williams, Charlotte Crayston, Ophelia Mignucci, Isla Smith, Teddy



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